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Groundworks & Drainage

We provide all types of groundwork, such as block paving, patio slabs, tarmac surface, brickwork, gravelling, turfing, fencing, and basic hard landscaping.

Small groundworks and drainage services are crucial for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. These services involve various tasks related to the preparation of land and the management of water and waste.

The groundwork and drainage services we typically provide include: 

Site Preparation

  • Excavation: Digging and removing soil or debris to prepare the site for construction or landscaping.

  • Grading: Creating a level or sloped surface to ensure proper drainage and foundation stability.

  • Land Clearing: Removing trees, shrubs, and vegetation to clear the land for development or landscaping.


Drainage Services

  • Drainage System Installation: Design and installation of drainage systems to manage surface water and prevent flooding. This may include the installation of catch basins, French drains, and dry wells.

  • Stormwater Management: Implementing measures to control stormwater runoff and prevent erosion.

  • Culvert Installation: Constructing culverts to facilitate the flow of water under driveways or roads.

  • Erosion Control: Implementing techniques such as retaining walls, riprap, and erosion control blankets to prevent soil erosion.

Utility Trenching

  • Excavation for utility lines: Digging trenches for the installation of water, gas, electricity, or telecommunication lines.


Foundation Work 


  • Excavation for foundations: Preparing the ground for building foundations or footings.


Concrete Work

  • Concrete flatwork: Pouring and finishing concrete for sidewalks, driveways, or other flat surfaces.

  • Concrete curbs and gutters: Installing curbs and gutters for proper water drainage.




  • Partial or complete demolition of structures, including buildings, walls, and concrete surfaces.

Landscaping Preparation


  • Soil preparation: Preparing the ground for landscaping projects, including planting trees, shrubs, or gardens.

Small-Scale Earthmoving

  • Excavation and backfilling for small construction or landscaping projects.

Grading and Levelling

  • Grading to achieve the desired slope or level for a property.

Permitting and Compliance

  • Assisting clients in obtaining necessary permits and ensuring compliance with local regulations and codes.

For small groundworks and drainage services, it's essential to work with experienced professionals who have the equipment and knowledge required for these tasks. Attention to detail, safety, and compliance with local regulations are paramount to ensure the success of your projects. Whether you're a property owner or a contractor, hiring a reputable service provider is key to achieving your desired results.

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